Chris Keane makes stuff online and in the world

As a product lead at OpenSky, the world's first and best social shopping network. We're building a community of people who want to share awesome products with their friends, family, and fans. Check us out if you're a product creator, conscientious shopper, or want to recommend great stuff - we're using the power of the internets to put the humanity back into commerce.

You can find my infrequent blog posts at Cyclone Ranger, and I sometimes moonlight as Dubman, the lazy community organizer of the Dub & Reggae social network.

Additional titles

comic book illustrator, dog walker, husband, cyclone ranger, wordpresser, entrepreneur, gamer, brooklyn separatist, analog hackiste, dad, dreamer.

a brief history

After studying painting in college, I bought a one-way ticket to NYC and landed a gig expanding Juno Online Service's support organization from a mostly phone-based operation to include web and email support channels (while learning to troubleshoot customers' dial up modem connections in my spare time).

First a tool user, now a tool builder, I've created dozens of websites and online applications in a range of strategic, design, development, and production roles, contributing to projects for Disney, Topps, Nestle North America, Give Kids the World, Girl Scouts USA, Marriott Hotels, The American Legacy Foundation, Clairol, the Colombian Ministry of Defense, the Alliance for a Media Literate America, the Project on Transitional Democracies, and thousands of KickApps customers.

Before joining OpenSky, I helped create KickApps, spending nearly 4 years as a product manager and building an industry-leading social media platform that powers a lot of online communities for long-tail users, small businesses, and large broadcast, publishing, CPG, entertainment, nonprofit, and professional sports organizations. I am especially proud of KickApps' hackability, whether via admin tags, custom RSS feeds, REST APIs, or even the page templates' custom UI strings (go ahead, throw some HTML or JS in there).

I have also served as a product lead for Meetup's "Mo' Members" team, where we combined usability testing, deep analytics, and a heap of strenuous debate to build the number of new Meetuppers month over month with products like the "URF" (Ubiquitous Registration Form), an ugly but surprisingly effective tool for increasing user registrations.

Before Meetup, I cofounded Mad Irish Group with Matt Ludwig and Justin Klein Keane, where we created open source content management, web analytics, and expense-tracking web applications (oh yeah, and we built a few websites for small businesses and nonprofits). Along the way I also pitched in on some Plone projects with Benjamin Saller and Jonah Bossewitch that included early work on Archetypes, dynamic image generation libraries, and multiuser AJAX interfaces.


acrylic and oil paint; actionscript; adobe fireworks, illustrator, and photoshop; html, css, and javascript; little army men; pen, pencil, and ink; php; prd, spec, and wireframe; python; tal; words; too many sketchbooks.

Retired titles

painter's apprentice, trainer, mechawalrus bagman, cofounder, us army cadet, comic book artist, stroke seat, tech support lead, search engine marketer, dm, project manager, low rent ninjurai.

Oh, and cross-browser css specialist; if this page looks weird it's because i hate internet explorer and microsoft just wears me out.

Other interests

Abstractions, aesthetic gentrification, afternoon naps, blog link rabbit holes, criminal and secret society dialects, cyborg apes, dub music, facial hair, getting rid of stuff, graf-inspired art, learning to surf, light cavalry, mental models, movies that try too hard, multiple monitors, nonfiction, paintball, serial entrepreneurs, skulls, Steve Jobs cultists, tabletop strategy games, Tin Tin, walking at the speed of dog, walruses. A former INFP, I believe that less is beautiful.

I live in BKLN with Shannon, Winnie, and Mystery Dogg. Prospect Park rocks your park any day of the week.

Likely outcomes

cool stuff, renal failure, enlightenment, chronic narcolepsy.

Do your best, fake the rest.