Chris Keane makes stuff for humans, with humans

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My work

I've held a range of strategy, operations, design, and development roles in technology companies over the past 20 years, most recently focused on product management. I love solving hard problems with kind, passionate teammates.

I'm currently advising Edify through the launch of Eddy, a software solution that onboards software engineers quickly and effectively. Send me a message if you're tired of waiting 6-9 months for an eager, talented, highly-paid engineer to finally become self-sufficient on a project.

Previously, I was Director of International B2B at Alibaba, where I divided my time between teams in New York City, Hangzhou, and Portland, Oregon.

Alibaba acquired OpenSky (now MoreCommerce) in 2018, where I was serving as CPO & GM of International B2B. I had joined OpenSky's cofounders in 2010 to launch the world's first social shopping network. We had pivoted the business several times since then, becoming a collection of online marketplaces and seller tools, helping over 100,000 small businesses achieve billions of dollars of sales.

Before OpenSky, I built KickApps into an industry-leading social media platform for large clients and niche communities as VP, Product. KickApps was acquired by Piksel in 2011 but I am most proud of the platform's hackability, which empowered customers of all sizes to reconfigure the software to match their needs.

I began product managing at Meetup, where I prototyped a usability and user research program that identified immediate product improvements and was adopted by the company's executive team as the cornerstone practice of new product development. Before that, I was a designer, program and account manager, front-end dev, and Flash ActionScripter at web dev/marketing shops Abstract Edge and Mad Irish Group. I cofounded the latter with 2 partners who shared a vision of creating open source web applications while developing websites for small businesses and nonprofits. I've contributed to projects for Disney, the NHL and NFL, Harley Davidson, Nestle North America, Girl Scouts USA, Marriott Hotels, The American Legacy Foundation, Clairol, the Colombian Ministry of Defense, the Alliance for a Media Literate America, the Project on Transitional Democracies.

I'm grateful to an industry that, in 1999, offered a broke kid with an art degree a chance to "wear jeans to work." It was 1999, the height of the dot-com boom, and I was lucky that Juno Online Service's tech support organization gave me a desk, several generous mentors, and time to fall in love with the Internet (even if it was only the screech and roar of a dialup modem).

But more than the Internet — the creativity, the uncertainty, and the opportunity — I fell in love with people. All of them.

People are lumpy, boring, and always so beautiful. I love making things for them, with them.

What's your story?